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Student Comments
Student Comments

“This is a program that provides real value to the community. By helping students do better in school, DunnOutWrite boost their confidence and ensure that they stay engaged in academics, instead of the activity on the streets. This is the kind of programming we need more of, and the kind of public-private partnerships that I encourage.”

— Rose from New York, NY


“Students are able to receive very specific help in a non-traditional, non-threatening environment. We’re happy with the enthusiasm tutors at DunnOutWrite are demonstrating and the new ways they find to integrate the service (DunnOutWrite) into classrooms.”

Richard from Boca Raton, FL


“This program (DunnOutWrite) is individualized to help every student be successful in school, whether the student is an honor student tackling new concepts or an [Exercise Science major] student who needs help developing his or her retention and recall skills.”

— Cathy from Chicago, IL


“The help is great - i have really had more confidence in my work and my grades on tests have increased and also on my assignments and I used to have a C- 78% in the class and now i have an A 92%. Thanks DunnOutWrite, Inc., and the Library System ”

— Mary from Fort Lauderdale, FL

“This is the best website i've been to that has excellent tutors that help you on homework. By using DunnOutWrite you'll improve your grades and give you confidence when you have a test or when your going over your homework in class .”

— Marcia from Wilton Manors, FL


“Thanks! I had an A&P test tomorrow and was worried about getting a bad grade. But I'm more confident now.The tutor was great. ”

— Elijah from Irwin, PA


“I've had many great experiences while using DunnOutWrite and this past session had to be one of the greatests! My tutor, Eston D was very intelligent and was able to solve the problem through manipulation and skill! I was very impressed! He taught me step-by-step, answered all my questions, and reassured me. If not for him, I'd probably spend another couple of hours just trying to figure out this one problem! I absolutely love! ”

— Paul from Atlanta, GA


“I feel like i can go into school tomorrow improved. I can show my teacher that I understand everything and I feel confidant when I have homework and tests thank you for the program, you'emy hero.”

— Lygia from Weston, FL


“This was a HUGE help. I have been struggling with pathology ALL year and finally understanding and getting a good grade was such a relief. ”

— Michael from Miami, FL

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